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I love Reed Warblers


Jun 15, 2023 , , ,

Small, brown, non-descript – Reed Warblers are the classic example of a LBJ (little brown job).  But that song, and when seen close up: stunners.  We are privileged to have perhaps 3 pairs at the end of the garden at Crabhall, and when I stopped to admire a pair this evening I realised one was ringed.  It is a British ring, but can’t see much of the code, but at a guess I would say ringed nearby at Winterton Marsh by Anna and Steve?

Yesterday I spent an hour or so on the Deer Park after a trip to Skomer.  Enjoyed watching a pair of Chough entering a cave there, clearly feeding young, and nearby there was a non-breeding flock of 20 birds chattering around Renney Slip.