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Nosey Rosie’s Tips 44


Aug 2, 2022

Hi everyone ! Penny is a little mad that so many requested me, but you gotta keep the fans happy.

Well, you already heard about Friday’s close call last week with the broken Galileo thermometer. That was the big news of the week. Although, I must tell you that 5 of the kitties in this house are currently illegal- they are breaking the law. Not me, of course. Our state requires rabies vaccines every 3 years or every year if you get the non-adjuvant kind. Well. some of us are overdue.

Lucy is overdue by over a year. Bridget and Ethel are only a couple months late along with Trouble. And Emmy is only a few weeks late, but mom is not going to get her one because she has so many health issues already that mom fears it could hasten her demise. Mom doesn’t know how to catch the 3 ferals, but I don’t know her excuse for Trouble. There is a clinic at the local pet store every other Sunday and on Fridays a local shelter does them, but she claims she hasn’t had time. Being that it is National Immunization Month, I thought I would shame her into getting those rabies vaccines.



My Grammie visited on Saturday. I went into the kitchen to see her and all she said was, “you can’t use my phone Rosie.” Can you believe it? She didn’t even tell me how pretty I am. And then she made sure to visit Friday and tell her she wants to stay over some night so she can cuddle with her.

Joanie is preparing for a play date with The Great One and Typhoid Mary on Thursday so I guess I will be in hiding all day. I don’t want to get covered in glitter like everything else and I don’t want a medical exam.

One more thing, I rented out my yacht to The Potato Head family. They were sad that they don’t have a castle this summer. Mom keeps checking Facebook marketplace to buy them a used one, but for now, they are happy. Good thing their Uncle Chip is a captain (see him in the front-the one sliced into chips).

Sorry, that is all I have for you this week.

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