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Lady Gaga’s Dog Theft Suspect Recaptured After Intense 4-Month Search


Aug 5, 2022
Lady Gaga Suspect Recaptured

It has been over a year and a half since a group of suspects shot Lady Gaga’s dog walker while targeting her three French Bulldogs: Koji, Gustav, and Miss Asia. They got away with two of the dogs, not realizing they belonged to a celebrity. One person involved with the incident tried returning the dogs for the reward money, but that helped police locate the suspects.

Five people were arrested for the dog theft. The charges varied based on each person’s role. James Howard Jackson, Jaylin White, and Lafayette Whaley were most heavily charged because they were the suspects that approached the victim, Ryan Fischer.

Lady Gage dogs

Released and Recaptured

Jackson was charged with attempted murder after allegedly shooting Fischer. Fischer suffered from a collapsed lung and spent months in the hospital recovering. Even though he was in severe pain, he couldn’t stop worrying about the dogs.

Once the five suspects were captured, everything seemed to be handled, but then, in April 2022, Jackson was accidentally released. The system had replaced the case with a new one, and somehow, that showed Jackson’s charges as dismissed due to a “clerical error.” Jackson was on the lam by the time officials realized their mistake.

Jackson disappeared for four months, despite a multi-agency manhunt looking for him. Officials emphasized that he was likely “armed and dangerous.” The U.S. Marshals Service later announced a $5,000 reward for anyone with information leading to the suspect’s capture.

Dog theft suspect found

After the reward money announcement, it took less than two weeks for the police to find Jackson. The sheriff’s department didn’t share details of how he was recaptured, but instead, they just said he was “apprehended without incident.”

Another Suspect Sentenced

While Jackson’s search was concluding, another suspect received a sentence. White will serve four years in prison after pleading “no contest” to a count of second-degree robbery. He also confirmed that someone in the group was armed during the incident.

The sentences for the other suspects haven’t been shared yet, including Jackson’s fate. Jackson pleaded “not guilty” to his charges, including attempted murder, conspiracy to commit a robbery, and assault with a firearm. It’s unclear when more details about his punishment will be announced.

Lady Gaga at home with dogs

Now, dog lovers can relax knowing that this dangerous dognapper is no longer on the loose. Lady Gaga’s dogs and dog walker went through a lot because of these suspects, so hopefully, no one else will have to go through a situation like this. However, dog thefts are still on the rise, so be extra cautious to keep your canines safe.

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