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  • Blenheim: Northern park: 25th May

Blenheim: Northern park: 25th May

Blenheim: Northern park Stonechat: Male seen in same place as a couple of weeks ago near Oxfordshire Way. 09:20. David Watkinson

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake: 19th May

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake Oystercatcher: on the island, busy seeing off a jackdaw. A nest maybe. 4 Common Tern 9 Little Egret: including 4 recently fledged juv. Possibly two nests. Difficult…

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake: 5th April

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake 2 Oystercatcher 3 Egyptian Goose: 3 adults plus 3 juv (very young). 8 Little Egret: At least one, possibly two nests on the island. 25 Grey Heron:…

Blenheim: Queen Elizabeth Island: 31st March

Blenheim: Queen Elizabeth Island 2 Oystercatcher 14 Grey Heron: 14 nests on the island, possibly a couple more. 3 Little Egret: 2 apparently nest building. Like many of the herons…

Blenheim: Grand Bridge: 31st March

Blenheim: Grand Bridge Brambling: Female under Beech trees. 09:30. Michael Hunt

Blenheim: 29th March

Blenheim 8 Egyptian Goose: Pair with 6 young that can only be a few days old. Hopefully these ones have better luck than the early brood in February. There are…

Blenheim 25th March

Cattle egret – 12. Initially on the lake edge before flying to the island. They then all left south west about 10 minutes later. House martin – 1 with about…

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake: 7th February

7 Brambling: 3 close to the town gate, 4 more near Rosamund’s Well. 2 Raven 2 Mandarin Duck: both female. 2 Great White Egret 2 Little Egret 21 Grey Heron:…

Blenheim 5th February

Egyptian goose – Pair with 7 goslings. It was 24th March before there were goslings here last year so a pretty early record. Oystercatcher – 1 Yellow-legged gull – 1…

Blenheim: 31st January

Blenheim Oystercatcher: Possibly one of last year’s returning birds. 20th Feb was the first record last year. 14:00. Gareth Casburn