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Comment se mettre dans la m€#D€ ! Analyse de Cesar Millan

Décryptage et Analyse d’une vidéo de César Millan ! Aujourd’hui c’est surement l’éducateur canin le plus connu au monde ! source

Cesar Millan Refuses to Take Off This Dog's Muzzle

Cesar Millan encounters Ovechkin, a violent German Shepherd mix. He refuses to take off his muzzle as his owner’s anxious … source

How to make boots for dogs, DIY, NO SEWING, Coton de tulear I Lorentix

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Healthy Snack Ideas for Dogs #shorts

We show here a healthy snack idea my dogs love. You can also fill the apple with peanut butter or cottage cheese. The other dogs … source

Cesar Millan Meets a K9 Dog That Keeps Biting Its Trainers!

Cesar Millan meets Sting, a German Shepherd, that continues to bite its trainers! This is a big problem for a police dog trainee. source

Living with High Drive Dogs – What Are They Like in the House?

What is it like living with multiple large high drive active dogs? How do they act in the house? Are they rowdy and destructive or … source

Can Cesar Millan Control These 3 Alpha Dogs?

These three large dogs are powerful, stubborn and chaotic! Can Cesar Millan get them under control on his own? source

Cesar Millan Battles 3 Aggressive Dogs AND 1 Skeptical Owner

Cesar Millan is tasked with taking on three large, aggressive and exciteable dogs! But first things first – can he even get inside the … source

Cesar Teaches How to Prevent Dogs From Stealing Food

Cesar Millan needs to keep these posh yet rowdy French poodles from stealing food! Watch as he heads to Bel Air to remedy this … source