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Flying High in the Galapagos

Your Call? Which is the strongest of today’s five featured flight images? Why did you make your choice? What’s Up? This blog post took more than two hours to create.…

It’s Good to be Home. Lessons from the Galapagos. And the First and the Last North Seymour Keepers

North Seymour and More. Twice! North Seymour Island is one of the three consistently great photo landings on a Galapagos trip. The others are Darwin Bay on Genovesa and Punta…

Birds, geckos thriving on two rodent-free Galápagos islands

Galápagos Rail and Common Cactus-Finch have established themselves on Pinzón Island, researchers say. Read More “Birds, geckos thriving on two rodent-free Galápagos islands”

Halloween Special: Vampire Birds of Galapagos, Why Do They Exist?

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