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Doñana is going extinct

The beautiful Doñana National Park, located in the south of Spain, is under threat from, among others, illegal water irrigation practices. This park, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in…

Going the Extra Mile. Dr. Fish – is this a Red Snapper?

[See image gallery at www.birdsasart-blog.com] This image was created on 10 May at Fort DeSoto Park in Tierra Verde, FL. Standing at full height, I used the Robus RC-5558-3 Vantage…

To know where the birds are going, researchers turn to citizen science and machine learning

Computer scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, in collaboration with biologists at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, recently announced in the journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution a new, predictive model…

Woman Going For A Jog Finds A Meowing Stray Cat | The Dodo

Woman going for a jog finds a stray cat, but her Corgi hates cats — watch what happens when they meet 💙 Keep up with Gritty and Tyrion on Instagram:…



Cat Jokes Going Viral | Zoltan Kaszas #shorts #cats

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I knew I was going to get bit… #dogrescue #rescuemission #dogs

Little Ruthie will be adoptable soon! PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/handoverrover?fan_landing=true&view_as=public … source

Going down a Vocal ANALYSIS rabbit hole with Jefferson Airplane's “White Rabbit” for the first time!

Thank you to our patrons for nominating this song! I know this song, and my students have sung this song in the past. . . but I’ve never done a…

My Golden Retriever Loves going to the Vet!

My Golden Retriever Loves going to the Vet! Be sure to subscribe, make sure to enable ALL push notifications! and leave your … source

You’re only going to watch this because of my dogs…. I know!

Grab yourself a Dunsany jersey! https://www.oneills.com/us_en/shop-by-team/gaa/ireland/dunsany-gaa.html Join the Terroriser … source