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Tibetan Mastiff vs Himalayan Wolf | Dog Vs Wolf

Tibetan mastiff facing against wolves attack in Tibet & China. Wolves come and attack livestock animals and even Tibetan mastiff . source

EP 104 – The Most Dangerous Dogs on Earth with Kyle Schwab – ManStoppers

When it comes to the most dangerous dogs on earth there’s one name that comes to my mind, and that is my friend Kyle Schwab. source

Weekend with Kids and a BIG Pack of Dogs #germanshepherd #mastiff

Just a few moments of some family time with the dogs over the weekend. Not too much footage, because it was an extra busy one … source


Welcome back sa Free Thinking Pinoy Channel. Panuorin ang 10 lahi ng aso na delikado at malaking aso na bawal ipasok sa … source

TINY Kitten Living with BIG Dog Pack | The Story of Kitty Rose #rottweiler #germanshepherd #mastiff

Here’s a look back at Kitty Rose’s story at the farm so far. From the shelter as a tiny little kitten, to being introduced to a great big … source

10 Dogs That Can Defeat Wolves

10 Dogs That Can Defeat Wolves Subscribe To Our Channel : http://bit.ly/4EverGreen 4 Ever Green is the #1 place for all your … source

Big Dogs Excited to see the KIDS Home from School #americanstaffy #mastiff #rottweiler

A little afternoon video. The kids come home from school and we all play together on the front lawn. The dogs and kids have both … source

8 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds In The World [Hindi]

Here Are 8 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds Of The World Please Watch The Video Till End. #dangerousdogsbreed #dangerousdogs … source

20 Most Powerful Dogs in the World

If you’re like many people, you love a good, strong big dog. Whether you’re looking for someone to protect your home, your family, … source