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Green shoots from the ashes

The Australian ‘Black Summer’ bushfires of 2018-19 blazed across vast areas of Australia, including over a third of the Ulladulla to Merimbula Key Biodiversity Area (KBA), severely impacting several threatened…

Wanted teen shoots 2 dogs, kills 1 in armed robbery, Tampa police chief says

A 17-year-old “cold-hearted criminal” who was wanted for his connection to several armed robberies around Hillsborough County … source

Dan Thor shoots the Bog Rabbit

Simulated game? It’s competitive battue clayshooting, as Dan Thor and friends take to the field in Hertfordshire for a simulated game day. The clays come thick and fast – as…

Meet The Man Who Shoots At Birds All Day To Keep Them Off A Toxic Pit | World Wide Waste

If migrating species land on the Berkeley Pit for more than a few hours, they get cooked from the inside out. Now, miners use a rifle, drones, and lasers to…