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It's Time To Take the Huskies Where? RV Trip Time!

Where are we taking the dogs today? You guessed it! The Novi Pet Expo! It’s time! @RFSdan is here too! We are packing up the … source

We are BACK! And It's This Dog's Birthday!

Today’s Video is Sponsored by Hello Fressh! For 70% off with HelloFresh plus FREE shipping, use code SNOWDOGSVLOGS70 … source

My Dogs Go For a Jeep ride! #shorts

The dogs are checking out Fall Colors! Subscribe! It’s FREE! https://bit.ly/SnowDogsShorts Want to see LONGER Videos:? source

Meeting All the Neighbor Dogs!

The dogs got to meet some of the neighbor dogs today! ▷Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubToSnowDogsVlogs Shop our Merch, … source

My Husky Puppies FIRST Leaf Pile!

My husky puppies first leaf pile! The dogs do love jumping in the leaves! And I think Eleanor figured it out pretty quick! If you want … source

Is This My Dogs LAST Time on The Water Treadmill?

Is this my dogs last time on the water treadmill? Are we done with physical therapy? Today we find out! Check out our friends … source

Does My Husky Still Love Her Red Singing Ball?

Does my husky still love her talking red ball? A few of you have asked about Kira’ Dogs favorite red ball! Yes, kira still loves that … source

My Dog Loves the Water Treadmill

Another day with my dog at physical therapy and the water treadmill! My dog loves the water treadmill! Okay maybe my dog loves … source

The Dogs Go to the Apple Farm!

DIY Apple Treats for Dogs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG1vIFJ-3E0 Today we are surprising the dogs with a trip to the … source

LIVE Hangout With The Huskies of Snow Dogs Vlogs 🔴 LIVE Q&A

Live Hangout with Snow Dogs Vlogs! We haven’t done one of these in a while, so we thought this would be fun! NEW Coloring … source