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The Pet encyclopedia

Abingdon: Peep-o-Day Lane: 16th August

Abingdon: Peep-o-Day Lane
5 Herring Gull: Stonehill gp. 14:00.
6 Egyptian Goose: Stonehill gp. 14:00.
Siberian Chiffchaff: Probable – seen briefly but sufficiently well to confirm Chiffchaff. Calling frequently. Having listened to the audio recording over and over I’m 95% sure. 14:00.
2 Lesser Black-backed Gull 14:00.
Common Tern: Stonehill gp. 14:00.
Willow Warbler: juv. 14:00.
Caspian Gull: Stonehill gp – I do have some fairly distant images but no way to add on here. 14:00.

J Blunt