• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023


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Belated sightings

From Roger Brock: A couple of things from our visit to Pembs the week before last:  on Thursday 10th
a healthy Sand Martin colony at Abermawr, probably a couple of dozen
active nests (I didn’t do a systematic count, but there were enough
flying around for that number) in the thin layer of earth high in the
cliff between the vegetation and the stony part, so somewhat higher than
the figure in the last report.  Also, one Black Guillemot in Fishguard
Harbour on the afternoon of the previous day
(just after the departure of the miniature cruise ship), still in full
summer plumage (I see there’s a recent photo of one on Birdguides
already in full winter dress); brief adult Peregrine there too, on the
Fishguard side of the bay.