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Bird's Eye – Binding of Isaac: Repentance Item Guide


Binding of Isaac: Repentance Item guide
Bird’s Eye
00:00 Intro
00:07 Where to find + basics
00:31 Luck-based effect
01:01 Damage of the fires
01:23 Blocking projectiles
01:34 Interaction with Mutant Spider/The Inner Eye
01:40 Interaction with Chocolate Milk/Mom’s Knife
02:01 Interaction with Epic Fetus/Marked/The Ludovico Technique
02:09 Interaction with Monstro’s Lung/Brimstone/Neptunus
02:44 Interaction with tear-pattern modifiers, The Wiz/Tiny Planet
03:01 Interaction with copycat familiars, Incubus/Found Soul
03:40 Interaction with poop/fart-related items, The Poop, Butter Bean
04:08 Interaction with Ghost Pepper
04:16 Interaction with other characters
04:48 Interaction with Mega Mush
05:01 Bag of Crafting recipe

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Music: Antibirth OST – 07 Forgotten Lullaby

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