• Mon. Mar 4th, 2024


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Carew Millpond Glossy Ibis


Phone call from Richard Crossen around 09.30 to say there was a glossy ibis on Carew Millpond. I hurried round, met Richard on the north side, took some insurance shots into the light, and hastened round to the Castle side for some better shots. Kate W had already been alerted and I joined her – just as the glossy ibis decided to fly off (the gulls, little egrets etc. stayed put). It appeared to drop into one of the fields next to the north side car park, but a thorough search failed to relocate it. RC continued with his walk, told me to do the blog entry! Hopefully it will return, to tuck into the Millpond speciality of rare tentacled lagoon worms. 

PS Kate @Carew Castle reports that it was seen again in the same spot at 14.30, but was not there when she went down at 15.30.