• Thu. Apr 18th, 2024


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Castlemartin Range during the day, Landshipping Quay this evening

Out most of the day checking
chough sites – most of the ones in south Pembs are now settled with some pairs now probably incubating. Small numbers of swallows were passing through
Castlemartin Range from mid-morning onwards (most of them heading approx.
west). A pair of kestrels also seem to be settling in at Castlemartin.

On return home we had an email
from a nearby neighbour Rob Butler, informing us that he had seen a hoopoe not
far from Landshipping Quay this afternoon. We went down to the area earlier
this evening, but sadly we could not relocate it.

Noting David’s earlier posting
about 51 black-tailed godwits on the Hook-side, we noted a large flock feeding
on the Landshipping Quay side of the channel. We estimated at least 70 birds
there – a lovely sight in the low evening sunlight. 50+ teal, 15 redshanks and 2
greenshanks were also present. 

It was interesting to watch 7 great crested grebes
in the Daugleddau channel, including a couple calling and performing their
pairing up dance ritual. They faced each other, then came together, rising out
of the water in unison shaking their heads and flicking their beaks etc. They
did this a few times in quick succession. We’re not sure if we’ve observed this
behaviour at this location before.