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EASY way to PICK leaves up? – Kill Two birds with one stone


An Easy way to pick leaves up? Today we use the Allett verticutting cartridge to pick the leaves up whilst at the same time grooming our lawn and thinning it out some more heading into the deeper depths of autumn.

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GRACE 250ml to treat 500m2

Galactic Green 1Ltr to treat 250m2

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About the channel

Daniel Hibbert Lawn Expert aims to bring you easy to follow and understand methods, tips and most importantly end results to make your lawn care journey enjoyable and successful, With over 25 years of working on domestic lawns there is not much I don’t know and am happy to guide everyone on the way to their own lawn dreams.

Throughout history men have always been drawn to grass, weather it be in the park , a sports ground or simply in your own garden, there’s just something about those quintessential British stripes that makes you want them for yourself, not to mention getting on over on your neighbours. Follow Daniel on his lawn journeys, in his step by step videos this year, whilst you create your own lawn journey. Achieving that dream lawn you have always wanted with simple and easy to follow methods, the lawn you have always dreamed of is only a grass seed away.Your grass roots are important, in this video we take the covers off and give the lawn a cut first of all then we put on the correct nutrition, its all about the roots at this time of year we are not interested in top growth at all, we need to get the roots working at its best as we need the lawn to get nice and thick the right way


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