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Is Preventative Pet Insurance Right For You?

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Finding the best pet insurance plan is not easy, especially with so many companies offering their own plans and systems. One way that a few companies like to stand out from the crowd is with preventative coverage. This isn’t that common, but the idea is certainly one that pet owners can get behind. So, is this the right option for you, and what can you expect?

How Can Preventative Pet Insurance Help Your Pet?

The key benefit is all in the name. The plan will help you cover a series of preventative measures and routine visits that you won’t get with other plans. This can take a lot of weight off the minds of anxious pet parents. A lot of the time, we have these expensive plans for accidents and emergencies only, but still have to struggle to afford the regular fees. It’s helpful to know that there is that security net in the worst-case situations, but it would be nicer to have that support throughout the year too.

Preventative pet insurance plans can help by covering a wide variety of services that pets use throughout the year. A surprising part of these plans is the coverage for medical advice and general examinations. So, if you have a query about something and aren’t there to get a specific treatment or prescription, you may be able to claim a reimbursement for the vet fees. This can make a big difference. Owners who maybe shrugged off small doubts because they didn’t want the expense of going in and taking time off don’t have to worry. They can get the answers they need and a large percentage of the costs back.

From there, these plans can cover a series of tests that vets carry out as part of their diagnostic work. They can charge pet owners for blood work, because of the cost and effort it takes to get samples to the lab and get an accurate result. The same is true for any fecal testing to help determine gut problems or internal parasites. The right pet insurance plan for preventative care can help with that.

Now, it is important to remember that not all plans are alike. There will be variations between companies in terms of the precise services covered. For example, you could find that the Lemonade Pet Insurance plan for preventative care has different criteria than the Spot plan. On top of that, each company may offer a tiered system or specific plans for dogs of different ages. This is why it is so important to look at each option carefully before signing up and committing to a full year of coverage. It also helps to talk to customer advisors about any of the fine print.

How Does Preventative Pet Insurance Differ Depending On Age?

Age is a factor when picking a plan for your dog. A standard preventative pet insurance plan may be enough for your pet if they are young and healthy and aren’t going to need any extra care along these lines. However, there are plans out there that focus on puppies and adult dogs, so you can get more comprehensive coverage for all your vet visits. Some may even go further with senior plans.

With the puppies, the service list can be a lot longer because of all the vital services pet owners need in that first year. In addition to the general exams and vaccinations, there may be coverage for spaying or neutering your dog, giving them some early flea and heartworm treatments, and getting them microchipped. The latter is really important for protecting dogs from loss and theft, so it’s nice to see some pet insurance providers helping out.

When you get to the adult and senior plans, there may be more wellness tests and general check-ups to deal with long-term health issues. The plan isn’t going to cover the treatment costs for any pre-existing conditions, but it can help you cover the general fees from the consultations and tests. You may also find that some additional services, such as dental treatments and cleaning are now part of the service.

Something to keep in mind here is that these age-specific plans are more expensive in terms of the monthly fee than the standard rate. This is simply to provide enough coverage for those extra services. Spaying and neutering pets may be a one-time expense, but it certainly isn’t cheap.

Preventative Pet Coverage Made Easy

Another important factor here is the ease of use of the whole system. If you’re working on a preventative plan, you’re looking at making claims a lot more often than you would for an accident and emergency care. Any time you go in for those tests and chats with the vet, you need to file everything with your provider. Then you can get the reimbursement you need with ease. So, you want to be sure you work with a company that is speedy, user-friendly, and accurate.

This is where companies with apps and online portals do so well with preventative care coverage. Customers can go onto the app, log all the latest data, and see the current status of their claims. It is all there on an easy-to-read dashboard, and there is also customer support in place for any queries. Ideally, the company will have the claimant’s details ready for efficient transfers and reimbursements.

One way to be sure that the pet insurance provider you choose has your back at all times is to read the reviews. Reputable companies will put a selection of testimonials and case studies on their homepage. They are proud of the money they’ve saved people and will show that off. Otherwise, you can check sites like Trustpilot. If a company spends months hanging around without fulfilling a claim or doesn’t reimburse the amount promised, that’s a big red flag.

Is Preventative Pet Insurance Right For You?

This sort of plan isn’t for everyone, and it is important to check the clauses and restrictions compared to other options. If you want to stick with a simple accident-only plan or go for a more comprehensive option, that’s fine. Go with what suits your pet and your budget – in that order.

Preventative pet insurance is a great option, however, because of those reimbursements for general care. This could be the support system you need if you have a generally healthy adult dog or want to cover the cost of a new puppy. Compare your options and see which is the best fit for you.

The post Is Preventative Pet Insurance Right For You? appeared first on Petdogplanet – The Place For Dog Breeds And Expert Pet Advice.