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Pet-Friendly Flowers and Plants: Safe Options for Apartment Living with Pets

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Many pet owners love brightening their living spaces with fresh flowers and greenery. However, the challenge arises when ensuring these natural decorations are safe for our furry friends. Like young children, pets explore the world with their mouths, which can lead to trouble if they nibble on toxic plants. Fortunately, for those living in confined spaces like apartments, there are numerous pet-friendly options that not only beautify your home but also keep your pets safe. For residents looking for farm-fresh flower delivery in Chicago, knowing which plants are non-toxic can significantly influence your choices and help maintain a safe, vibrant living environment.

Safe Flora and Fauna for the Pets

Decorating an apartment you share with pets when you choose to go with non-toxic plants and flowers is a must. Many options exist to have fun, and no harm will befall them, as well as coexist with your dogs. Identifying the safe pets is the key to establishing a safe home environment.  

African Violets

An African Violet blooming plant is among the most preferred indoor flowering plants for safekeeping. These types are also called “easy to care for” and “brightly colored” plants. African Violets are the best choice for busy owners who want to decorate their homes with a splash of color without worrying about their pets’ health. This is because they prefer indirect sunlight and a relatively constant watering schedule.  

Spider Plants

However, spider plants are non-toxic to dogs and cats and act as natural air purifiers. This plant is one of the simplest to take care of and can adapt to various conditions inside, such as low light and scarce watering. With an authoritarian personality and an exquisite look, spider plants are the perfect option for beautifying your home without risk to your pets.  

The advantages of Pets-Friendly plants

Having pet-friendly plants in your apartment will relieve health concerns and improve your pets’ lifelong happiness. Plants such as Boston Ferns and Areca Palm, identified for purifying the air, are known for removing common environmental toxins and improving air quality in your home. This is also good for your pets and ensures a healthy living space. 

Furthermore, the plants in our homes can work similarly to us and animals with their calming effects. Research indicates that being with plants undoubtedly has a significant impact on reducing stress and anxiety.  Therefore, your apartment will be a more peaceful and pleasant place to live.  

Decorating Your Apartment with Pet-Friendly Plants

Carefully deciding where to place pet-friendly plants can be an essential factor when decorating your apartment. It’s hard to overemphasize the importance of placing plants where pets can reach them. One way you can achieve this is by using hanging planters or high shelves to lift your plants out of your pets’ reach while enjoying the aesthetic beauty of the plants. Additionally, decorative fences or pet-proof plant stands can aid in obstructing pets and ensure your plants’ well-being. 

Moreover, these features should also incorporate information about the plant size and growth habits. Besides selecting plants that do not endanger you, like Peperomia, you also consider the fact that your space has limited sizes. These plants require negligible maintenance and are perfect for arranging on window sills or in narrow crevices where larger plants would not fit. This will help you design your home in a unique way without sacrificing the safety of your pets and the style of your home. 

Another favor is that you could select varieties grown vertically so that you can use the space more wisely and add some visuals to your home. The tall, slender Areca Palm or the non-toxic English Ivy, which are usually cascading, are ideal options for creating multiple levels of greenery that do not obstruct areas where pets typically go. By taking into account your pets’ physical and behavioral features, you can determine the types of plants and the placements that complement your home environment.  Thus, you can ensure that your house is fashionable and secure for all family members.  

The right plant types, their placement, and the appropriate containers are both very important if you are a pet owner and live in a small apartment. Heavy materials like ceramic and metal can create pots that are difficult for pets to overturn. These pots will then be less likely to cause spillage and accidents. These robust pots can combine decorative and functional features, thus being a stylish choice to match your interior décor and serve as a barrier to playful or curious pets. 

Moreover, you should be imaginative when mixing pet-safe plants into your house design. For instance, you can set up multi-level plant stands, saving space and forming a vertical garden. It is a well-known fact that the presence of plants in the home not only adds a visually pleasing element but also (provides an opportunity to keep the lower levels accessible for the pet to explore the smells without the risk of them reaching the actual plants). 

Besides that, you may use room dividers combined with shelves for plants to have a dual effect; on the one hand, plants can subtly incorporate them into your home, and on the other hand, they can act as a physical barrier to stop pets from getting close. 

Lastly, educating yourself about the specific care needs of each plant is essential for maintaining a healthy indoor garden in a pet-friendly environment. Some plants may require more sunlight or humidity than others. By understanding these needs, you can position them in your apartment where they can thrive without compromising pet safety. For instance, placing a humidity-loving Boston Fern in a bathroom with frosted glass windows provides the necessary environment while keeping it out of the primary pet areas.


Your apartment decor doesn’t have to be a choice between aesthetics and your pet’s safety because many plant options are beautiful and pet-friendly. Today’s non-toxic, eco-friendly alternatives can help you do that without jeopardizing your pets’ health or safety. Owning a pet or not, these plants are a perfect fit for a pet-friendly home as they come in low-maintenance varieties such as Spider Plant and African Violet for a splash of colors. Remember that a pet-safe environment is connected to the right plants and creates a warm place for your furry friends.

The post Pet-Friendly Flowers and Plants: Safe Options for Apartment Living with Pets appeared first on Petdogplanet – The Place For Dog Breeds And Expert Pet Advice.