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Rabbits | Rabbit Keeping | Rabbit Care | Rabbit Food


Rabbits | Rabbit Keeping | Rabbit Care | Rabbit Food

Watch the lovely rabbits at the aqua jungle pet shop located at malad in western mumbai.

In this video we get to know all about rabbit keeping rabbit care and rabbit food.

The pet shop has cute little baby rabbit for sale. They also keep adult rabbit which were out of stock.

At present, you can get to watch all white rabbits and one brown rabbit at the pet shop.

The owner tells us information on how to keep rabbits.

Then he let’s us know what to feed rabbits. Further he also tells us about the veggies that can be given to a rabbit and also about the packet rabbit food available in the market for rabbits.

Lastly, he tells us about the rabbit cage or on how to setup a rabbit home.

All the rabbits are for sale.

If you are interested in the rabbits you can contact the seller to know about the rabbits price.

Please do not expect delivery from the pet shop for any kind of rabbit as it is not possible.

If you’re interested in any rabbits you can personally visit the shop.


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