• Thu. Apr 18th, 2024


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Saundersfoot Bittern

From Julie Davies: Please
find attached a photograph of the sad find this morning. I was beach
cleaning, picking up microplastics, at the time and was crawling along
the strandline when I came almost nose to beak with it. My first
thoughts were Oh! Dead bird! Ooh! Heron?!! but as I sat upright I saw
the wings then the feet and my brain just couldn’t add bittern and
Saundersfoot beach together!

thanks to those I spoke to today, I feared that if I rang PCC straight
away then the bittern would have just been bagged and binned. Wish I’d
had the means to scoop it up and get it to someone far more
knowledgeable but a grave marker of pebbles was all I could offer it. 

sunshine made it hard to see my phone screen but hopefully they can act
as some kind of record. There didn’t seem to be any obvious damage or
injury but very very sodden. The WhatThreeWords location if that’s of
interest to you at all was fuses.nicer.dearest 

bird was reported to PCC for removal as per avian flu guidance although
when I (eventually) left the beach at 3.30 there’d been noone yet from
PCC along to collect it.