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WATER BIRDS Sounds – Shore Birds, Sea Birds, Aquatic Birds and Waterfowls Identification Video


Water birds sounds video for bird identification: shore Birds, sea Birds, aquatic Birds, and waterfowls. Kiddopedia team brings you a collection of bird sounds videos. In the third part of our series, you will learn the names and sounds of water birds. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more videos → https://goo.gl/O1jdcO

A water bird is a bird who lives on or around water. The water bird species include sea birds, wading birds, aquatic birds waterfowls and shore birds. These birds live in freshwater habitats or seas. They have features such as webbed feet, bills, and legs that help them feed in the water. Some are able to dive into the water to catch their prey.

Most children are interested in animals and birds. Children learn birds at the kindergarten age by listening to birds sounds and seeing them with their own eyes. This video fulfills this educational purpose perfectly by using close-up video footage of shore birds, sea birds, aquatic birds an waterfowls.

In our water birds compilation video, you are going to learn about different water bird species and listen to different versions of their sounds. If you have watched our other videos with bird songs for kids, you will notice the difference between birds of prey sounds, shore birds and the sounds of common birds.

In this video, real videos of water birds with real sounds and noises are presented to teach the names and sounds of waterbirds. Beautiful water bird videos in HD together with high-quality sounds is an excellent resource for all bird lovers for entertainment as well as for education.

Water Birds list shown in this video:

00:08 stork
00:28 seagull
00:48 heron
01:08 kingfisher
01:28 flamingo
01:48 penguin
02:08 moorhen
02:28 grebe
02:48 coot
03:08 frigatebird
03:28 sandpiper
03:48 cormorant
04:08 loon
04:28 duck
04:48 razorbill
05:08 albatross
05:28 gannet
05:48 booby
06:08 tropicbird
06:28 pelican
06:48 puffin
07:08 turnstone
07:28 phalarope
07:48 curlew
08:08 avocet
08:28 pratincole
08:48 swan
09:08 screamer
09:28 goose
09:48 oystercatchers
10:08 plover
10:28 ibisbill
10:48 jacana
11:08 skimmer
11:28 snipe
11:48 jabiru
12:08 rail
12:28 adjutant
12:48 egret
13:08 lapwing
13:28 tern

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