• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024


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Colour-ringed Great White Egrets

Here is some breeding Great White Egret information from Somerset.  Please note the request at the end. I know we don’t them see that often but you never know!

I thought you might like an update on this year’s breeding season for the Great White Egrets.

pairs attempted nesting, and we now have 54 active nests across 11
sites on Shapwick Heath, Westhay, Ham Wall and a couple of adjacent

  1. We
    think that 128 chicks hatched. 89 of those are currently alive of which
    11 have fledged. All these numbers are approximate, based on the
    regular drone images.
  2. We have been able to colour ring 16 chicks on 9 of these nests and we think 15 of these chicks are still alive and well.

So, it looks like another record year. Fledging
has now begun; this is a request to keep eyes open for any
colour-ringed birds even if they are now regular visitors to your local
patch. We know that juveniles scatter all over England and even reach
Every record is useful so please check them out for us.