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Dorchester: Sailing Club Pit (Dorchester Lagoon): 28th April

Dorchester: Sailing Club Pit (Dorchester Lagoon)
250 Swallow: At least 250 feeding over the lake in mixed flock with martins. SU569954. 10:00.
150 Sand Martin: At least 150 feeding over the lake in mixed flock with swallows. SU569954. 10:00.
20 House Martin: A handful of house martins among the masses of sand martins and swallows, feeding over the lake. SU569954. 10:00.
Negative news Kittiwake: SU569954. 10:00.
3 Swift: Flew over up high, not calling. SU569954. 10:00.
Negative news 2 Common Tern: Seen at a distance briefly, initially perched on a buoy, then flying. Pretty certain they were common as looked too small for sandwich and nothing that made me think arctic. SU569954. 10:00.

Heather Wright