• Sun. May 26th, 2024


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Short-toed lark (and Redstart) Dale airfield


George, Fiona and I met at the airfield to take a look for the Short-toed lark found earlier in the day. We eventually caught sight as it flew from midway along the western runway approx SM7935606805 across to the eastern runway and dropped down at SM 79592 06660 – where we had distant views on the ground before it had a spat with a skylark. The S-T lark chased the skylark over to the overgrown (southern) runway. We followed after it but no sign where we thought it came down. As we walked back up the western runway we flushed it again from beside a thistle and nettle bed near the initial spot SM7935606805. As before, it flew again towards the eastern runway but may have over shot into the out of bounds section. We did another circuit but no further sign. 

The way it chased off the skylark it did seem territorial and was heard singing earlier. It gives a raspy trillip or trit call and looks very pale and sandy coloured. Also a female Redstart on the fence at the top of the eastern runway was a bit unexpected.